Virginity Tantra Sessions

tantric art and virginity tantra sessions

Virginity Tantra Sessions

In truth, Virginity Tantra Sessions are not any different from ‘normal’ Tantra Sessions. I still hear you and then dive into my intuitive intimate knowledge in order to be able to guide you most effectively into the fullest expression of who you are.
These sessions are for men or women who are ready, at whatever stage in their adult life, to express, gift and share their sexuality with another human being with love. For those who have reached a point in their lives where the time is right and the way forward is in a sacred, honouring and profoundly respectful space.

I do how ever, want to take some time aside here to acknowledge that when there is a lot of fear around sexuality, or pain around previous sexual experiences, the pace at which our tantric session progresses needs to be slower and even more sensitive.

All my work is dedicated to uniting with ourselves again, tapping into all the energy that is our inheritance, expressing our love, joy, passion and sexuality, because that is what being alive is all about. To unite in this way has a knock on positive impact on every other part of our lives and this in turn has a positive effect on every other being on the planet, indeed Mother Earth herself.  How can it not? One of the biggest mistakes we’ve ever made as a life-form is to put negative associations onto our sexuality. In truth it is our life force, the energy that runs through our whole system bringing us power and direction, opening our heart and our true voice, inspiring us and connecting us to our divinity and inspiration.

My approach is to first guide you to connect you with yourself; to feel your body and emotions and energy as alive inside you; subtle, but instantly accessible. Having really grounded you in your own experience, I then gently guide us into connection together through the heart and the eyes. From here we can move into expressing our honouring of each other in whatever way is in complete alignment with what’s real for us in each moment as it appears to us.

There are many tools and structures within our Tantric Sessions we can use along the way in order to facilitate your further growth. Which one we use will ultimately be guided by your feedback and my intuition. In general terms with Virginity Tantra Sessions, the pace will be slow and sure.

It may also be that because of your new beginning, with so much unexpressed and buried, that the Tantra Sessions we do will be much deeper than for others. It would be good for you to call me so that you can sense what I am like as a person and so judge whether I have the necessary sensitivity to guide you well. You’ll find my number on the contacts page.I would be humbled by your trust and courage if you chose to work with me in this way.

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