Here I have collated a few client testimonials for your viewing pleasure to give you a sense of what Tantric Sessions might be like if you’ve never experienced one before….


When  I came to you for our first session, I was emotionally much more closed and struggled to articulate my true feelings. Through our sessions, you have created a space allowing me to open up and express my needs, my desire honestly and with integrity, and it feels liberating, like unlocking a door, and I thank you for that. 



I came to Cat with just two goals in mind; to be open to something new, and to put my trust in her guidance. The result was extraordinary. A 45 minute ‘perfect storm’ of  wave after wave of electric orgasm -without an erection-, each wave being as unpredictable as the next, yet repeating, endlessly until I reached calmer waters.


In my 1-1 sessions, it is my hearts joy to help men (especially, though not exclusively) to re-connect with their bodies and sexuality, or to deepen that connection if it has never been lost. Blending love, sexuality, and spirituality together is vital to the process of put ourselves back together as holistic beings. We re-member ourselves as beings of love, who’s default position is one of love rather than fear or suspicion.


Thank you so much for the session today – just magical and will have a profound and lasting effect on my outlook , life and well-being.7
Can’t believe how the time flew by!


I am pleased to report my mind remains in a totally different place, a much happier place, compared to where it was before I met you. I am totally at ease with everything and have not experienced any regression. Many, many thanks for helping me to sort out my head. I’ve been spending countless hours out in nature. I have shut out the world totally and gazed towards the horizon and into infinity.


Poem To Cat:

Goddess Entwined in my arms I neither seek you nor reject you just allow the energy to flow as it will

The chakras and plexus’s streaming with energy

The whole world affected in turn

Join the dance of Nature

Swim the golden stream.

Gather in the tree trunks

Beside the glittering stream

Here we conspire with the sun to draw down hot energy

smoothed out and balanced healed with femininity

Humanity struggles on

We show the way

The longest present moment intertwines to close the day.



“What an amazing afternoon and thank you so much for your guidance, patience and trust. The energy I felt was a huge surprise to me. I have read about the tantric multiple orgasm and was slightly sceptical but the feelings I experience when exchanging energy with you were so intense and at their peak felt like an orgasm. A totally mind-blowing experience and thank you so much for guiding me.  I can’t wait to put all I have learnt from you into practice and reinvigorate my relationship with my wife.

I’m never going to forget what you have done for me and can’t thank you enough.”


I just want to thank you for a most wonderful connection with something/someone/somehow I never knew existed before. You have that special ability to intuitively find the way to lever a male out of his alter ego and help him discover a side he was totally unaware of. It was a beautiful experience – I just don’t know what to say. But thank you!


Something magical happened to me on Wednesday – I’ll remember this for as long as I have a spirit and soul.


Marvellously intuitive and understanding.


I should have said this to you instead of here but thank you so much! I really feel comfortable with you and you make me feel more comfortable with myself.


If you are so generous, devoted, sensual, beautiful, kind-hearted and lovable when you “are dramatically slowed down from your usual vivacious self “, I can imagine that the usual connection will have the size of the benevolent power of nature.


You made me feel very relaxed and at ease with myself and you, which gave me confidence to express how I was feeling and be involved for the moment which was great.


I know having read up on Tantric rituals and Temples before it talks about sacred space – but my God, where you asked me to be, and where I went puts that on a different level – WOW


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