My Way Of Working and Tantra Sessions


My Way Of Working and Tantra Sessions

The way I work is a paradox… I work in the void. I have no idea before any Tantra sessions what it will include. I start by listening to you. Then I listen to my intuition and I go where it guides me. There are no limits, no boundaries, no safety-nets… just me, you, my intuition and a set of tools or practices.

Let us explore what serves you the most in that space. It may surprise you! By stepping into my space, you are showing great trust in my ability to read you, connect with you and offer you whatever it takes to get you to the best place you can possibly be in that moment. Make sure you genuinely have that trust in me before you walk through my door. And if you do… I honour your courage and I thank you for your trust and faith. I will do my best for you in each moment.

It is also true though that I have trained in many things and have a lot of strings to my bow as a result. They include but are not limited to:

• Internal and external body de-armouring
• Ecstatic breath work
• Tantric eye gazing
• Body based meditation
• Circulation of sexual energy through bodies
• Movement and dance medicine
• Erotic training and experimentation
• Teaching on masculine and feminine essence and their inter-play
• Tantric massage
• Energy orgasm
• Free flow union

There are also a variety of flavours I can bring out in our Tantra sessions… maybe slow, gentle and meditative…. or maybe hot, steamy and move beyond… some are raw, vulnerable and challenging… there are actually infinite ways to meet the need in you, none of which are known in advance. This is the alchemy of Tantra… you bring everything you’ve got… I meet you with what I feel will serve you best… and you metamorphoses into the person you desire to be, faster and in a deeper, more profound way than any other route I know of.

The paradox for you is that you need to come with as clear an idea as possible of how you would like to be when you walk out the door, and yet with zero expectation of how you will get there, of how I will guide you. That’s a tricky mix, but the closer you can get to that place of open and relaxed clarity, the better. Bon chance!

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