Tantra FAQs

Tantra FAQs

Is Tantra just about sex?

No, it’s not just about sex… but Tantra is about sex in a holistic way. Can you connect your sexuality to your heart? Can you make it your spiritual practice? If we can do this then we really are expressing our sexuality in the highest form possible… then we can become truly creative in that our open heart and spiritual warmth can create literally ANYTHING in our lives and the world we live in. This is sex magic and it rocks!!

Is Tantra just meditation and breathing?

No, it’s not just about meditation and breathing, but you do need to be able to enter a meditative state (I help you if you’re new to meditation) and breath is just the best way for moving sexual energy through the body… that and relaxing. I love meditation and breath work, and enjoy both of them most when I’m also engaging my sexual energy and double especially when I’m engaging in another’s sexual energy.

What’s the biggest reason why we’re not all relaxed about our sexuality?

Shame… shame is the reason that we’re all so hung up about sex. It’s so in our face in our consumer marketing machinery, and yet so deeply taboo that we can barely talk about it openly with our friends and family. Sex education is profoundly lacking in almost every way… in terms of sexual anatomy and the hormones and chemicals that are involved… all the way through to learning about intimacy and what fosters it. We leave the up-coming generation largely in the dark with very little other than porn to guide them.

So what can I expect to gain from engaging in Tantra?

Greater awareness of your own body and sexuality and what turns you on, a big reduction in your level of shame, an increase in your base level of horniness and attraction, a greater interest in life as a whole, more vibrancy and zest for life, a more relaxed and compassionate outlook, perhaps some pretty cosmic energy experiences or the feeling the movement of sexual energy up your spine (Kundalini), and last but by no means least… an intimate connection to the Divine in your everyday life whatever that means to you.

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