For Women

tantra woman moonIt feels to me, absolutely vital that women reclaim 2 things in their lives with the utmost urgency and fierce commitment. Firstly, the Sisterhood… remembering that our strength is in our connection to and compassion for each other. Through nurturing ourselves, each other and our communities, we as women weave the very fabric of community. When we are strong together then our community becomes strong and that strength comes from a uncompromising willingness to hear the experience of each other.

Secondly, we find our own strength primarily in reclaiming our authentic sexuality and sensuality. Not some distorted version that we have absorbed by osmosis from cultural influences, but our real, wet, wild, tender, vulnerable, ‘wide open in love’ sexual selves.

In my 1-1 sessions with women I aim to face with compassion and fierce love any wounding that is ready for healing in order for you to move forward in your life with confidence and fully embodying your unique self.

Our bodies are absolutely faithful records of what has happened in our lives and how we feel about ourselves. This ‘body memory’ can be held anywhere but is found especially in the breath, the belly, and the Yoni (Sankrit for vagina which means ‘Cave of Secrets’). In my healing sessions with women, we begin with talking through your life experiences in relation to the body; look at how your body speaks to you and how you understand that communication. We’ll look at childhood memories, experiences of puberty, bleeding, sexual initiation, self-pleasuring, eroticism, along with anything else you feel is relevant to your story. From this talk and tuning in to each other, we will be able to forge a path of healing specific to your experience. If body work is the way forward for you, we will enter into sacred space together where I will aim to become as finely attuned to your body as possible and help you to navigate your way through what feels pleasant, unpleasant, and numb to you. Using your responses as a guide, together we can hold any pain or numbing out with love and acknowledgement for as long as it takes to feel that it can simply melt away. Its protecting job is done and can now be thanked for its role in protecting you.

The actual experience of receiving this kind of loving, expectation free, healing touch can be life changing and deepen your journey of self-discovery as a woman.

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