Tantra Sessions For Men

snake woman In each of my 1-1 Tantra sessions held with men, it is my hearts joy to help you to re-connect with your body, your sexuality, and your truth. These sessions are a minimum of 3 hours in length and for men who don’t have a partner or for one reason or another can’t bring their partner to a couple session.

I start by asking some questions about your life and how it has brought you to me. I’ll ask you about your life path so far; your loves, your hopes, and your fears. Your losses, your dreams, your motivation, and your desires. I hope to engender a feeling of trust and validation and that nothing is ever ‘wrong’, just the way it is right now, and the raw material we have to work with. The more you can tell me before you book your session the better prepared I can be to respond to your particular needs.

The first half hour of each session is a time for us to really ground ourselves in our own bodies, our own experience. Then we come into connection with each other through the depth of a wordless eye gaze. From this connection that we create, I will be able to intuit where to take you next.

I work with what you bring in order to devise the structures most suited to your unique beliefs about yourself and the situation you find yourself in. These could be deep healing structures, gentle intimacy practices, breath and energy structures, timeless body work, or soulful challenges. I will intuit what’s needed for you in particular in each moment. I am wise and sensitive, but I can get it wrong, so if anything ever feels ‘off’ to you, just let me know…

The intimacy structures I use to initiate my Tantra sessions seek to honour our nakedness and our humanness and our willingness to move forward in life, ever forward. To see each other without either the masks we put on or the glaze of fear we hide behind is a beautiful gift in itself.

I also encourage you to feedback to me about what’s happening in your mind, emotions, or soul. All is welcome. Nothing is wrong. Keeping me in touch with the subtleties of your experience helps me to guide you deeper into yourself.

I weave into my sessions, teachings about sexual energetics, Kundalini energy, Tantric word-views, and the forgotten roles of the sacred feminine and masculine. Taking a sideways look at what it means to be human in the world right now with lightness and a humour filled chuckle at what our heads can get us to believe about ourselves!

The final half an hour offers a unique opportunity to really imbibe, make part of you, the energy that we have raised in the session. It is also an amazing place to communicate from all over again in an open and heart-full way about what has passed through us. It is such a tender, vulnerable but uncommonly clear place to speak from and these words often touch a much deeper part of ourselves than we and men specifically tend to have access to in everyday existence.

We end with a separation meditation so that the subtle differences between entwinement and self-containment can be felt in the body as well as the mind.

Finally, I emphasize grounding and closing work so that you walk out of the door with your feet firmly planted in the ground and a sense of completeness.


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