Tantra Sessions For Couples

tantra yogaI honour couples who are brave enough to work with each other in Sacred Intimacy. The path of the lovers is not an easy one in our times. Both men and women struggle with how to be in the world as a gendered/sexualised being and being in partnership puts these uncertainties into the pressure cooker! Most modern couples either fall apart under the strain or cobble together some sort of platonic plodding that compromises each partners’ ability to fully express themselves. Sacred Intimacy works with radical honesty, heart filled communication, and fully conscious body communion in order to fully express each partners soul in relationship and have that witnessed by the other. If this is your path I would be honoured to be your Tantric guide.

Each Tantra session starts with an opportunity for you both to express how you feel about your relationship and your own personal development. From this we will come to an understanding about what we will be looking at in the session. I will then guide you both into a body meditation to move from the head, down into the body, so that you can enter into a soul full gaze with each other. It is an irony for many couples that, although the organisation of daily life happens with great ease and finesse, it is rare to spend time in an intimate eye gaze with each other.  From this intimacy, much can come to the surface, and a lot of healing and connection can take place within this structure alone.

From here, my aim is to guide you as deep as you can both go into yourselves and each other so that you come away with fresh perspectives and new tools to practice at home with.

I end your unique Tantra session with another meditation to help you to ground your experiences, and send you off out into the world with your hearts wide open and also your energy very clearly bounded.

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