Discovering Tantra My Journey

Discovering Tantra My Journey

Discovering TantraBefore discovering Tantra I had always been way more interested in sexuality than most, even before I knew the word for it. As a child I was fascinated by boys and the innocent chemistry I felt in their company. I have masturbated ever since I can remember and love finding out more and more about the sensations my body is capable of feeling both through touch and through pure energy.

For more than half of my life though, I have squashed down my sexuality in order to fit in and ‘be good’ as a woman and a Mother. However, more recently I have discovered that the more I embrace my sexuality and passion for life, along with my intuition and inner knowing, the more I have to give the world at large and to my children in particular. I love showing them by example what it is to be a full woman in this world and I love the fact that each generation that comes along will have more and more examples of men and women embodying all that they are with more balance, and in this way inspiring more compassion, love, and passion.

So for the past 5 years I have been an avid student of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. You can find all the people who have taught and inspired me in my resources section. That section will continue to grow as I dive deeper and deeper, but as it is, I am so grateful for everything I have learnt along the way and for all the ways in which I have developed as a person. I am much more free than I ever was before, especially from mind traps, though this is an ongoing practice! I’m much more in tune with my body and experience much more ecstasy through my sexuality than ever before. I am very sensitive to both the energy flowing through me and the energy around me and my experience of that is getting ever more attuned and sometimes I can affect it in wild and crazy ways! That part of it is difficult to explain with words… you’ll just have to come and experience it!
And so it is.

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