Dakini Cat – Sacred Intimate Tantra Sessions

Welcome to my portal into Tantra Sessions and Sacred Sexuality

Here you will find information on 1-1 Tantra Sessions for men in London, Bristol and Devon with Dakini Cat


Tantra Practice and Tantra Sessions


Dakini Cat offers Tantra Sessions for men, which is a pretty rare and radical thing to do in these times, though becoming more and more prevalent and understood as time goes on. Over the next few pages I’ll explain a bit about where Tantra came from and what a Tantric session is, also what Tantra Sessions are and then how Tantra is relevant to us today.


First of all, let’s get down to the nitty gritty; what on earth is Tantra?


• Tantra is a way of integrating your whole system, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and including your genitals

• By loving both the masculine and the feminine parts of you, you are able to penetrate into the world with heart. This makes you a much more interesting, loving, and strong man to be around.

• Tantra is a practice, meaning you learn some tools and techniques and then use them in your daily life so that you get more and more out of it throughout your life. It also means its experiential, because words don’t teach but experience does.

• Sexual energy is extremely creative and we can use it to create literally anything we want to in our lives.

• It’s also goal-less, boundary-less and without safety nets. It can feel like anything and everything… juicy, raw, imminent, authentic, flowing, dynamic, painful, challenging, blissfull etc etc etc….

• It’s best when you don’t ejaculate but learn to circulate your sexual energy instead, bringing you greater ecstasy and more profound states of being.


So now, ask yourself do you know what your sexual energy is all about and the benefits of Tantra?


Yes, it’s for procreation, but what about all the other times you have sex or masturbate? That energy is pure creative energy! The energy that gives you life and vitality. There is a huge surge of energy when you are being sexual. You can use that sexual energy to create the life you are dreaming of for yourself, your loved ones and for the whole of existence. How wild is that? Isn’t that inspiration enough to take a long hard look at your sexual hang-ups, your fantasies, and really get to grips with your sexuality (every pun intended) with passion, integrity, and heart.

One tiny more thing, Tantra works with sexual energy that isn’t expelled from the body… rather you move it around your body and the body of your partner to create greater bliss and deeper orgasms than the traditional one. For men this means that you don’t ejaculate. Now before you run away screaming, check out this clip of Alex Vartman from The New Tantra explaining why it’s a good idea and how to go about weaning yourself off the ejaculatory orgasm: http://21daychallenge.com/
If that still doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry, I can still work with you… just know that you will come around to my way of thinking in the end!