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Welcome to my portal into Tantra Sessions and Sacred Sexuality

Here you will find information on 1-1 Tantra Sessions for men in London, Bristol and Devon with Dakini Cat


Tantra Practice and Tantra Sessions

Dakini Cat offers Tantra Sessions for men, which is a pretty rare and radical thing to do in these times, though becoming more and more prevalent and understood as time goes on. Here I’ll explain a bit about where Tantra came from and what a Tantric session is, also what Tantra Sessions are and then how Tantra is relevant to us today.

So first, what is Tantra from the masculine perspective?

Tantra is an ancient practice that gets you to realise the divinity in you through your sexuality. It takes the most animal part of you, the most hidden, scary, repressed part of you and brings your own love to that place, so that you can express yourself sexually with heart and with love. Tantra existed all over the world but we see what remains most clearly in India where Tantra was at its height some around 2000 years ago in an age where divinity came in both male and female forms.

Tantra also looks at your notions of what it is to be a man, what it is to be a woman, peels away all the shame, judgement and limiting beliefs from those notions, and gives you a platform from which to be the best man (and yes, inner woman) you can possibly be.

Through these two practices you will find that you are able to be more confident in truly penetrating the world with your masculine gifts, clarity, action, protection, being of service to life and to love. As a result of Tantric practices you will feel a deep acceptance of your sexuality and have opened your heart to all the passion and love you can feel for the world

So what are Tantra Sessions for men?

Tantra sessions can in one of two ways, either held by a Tantrika who guides you through a set practice, or held by a Dakini who will hold completely open, Sacred space for you. I hold Dakini space, which means that neither of us will have any idea beforehand, what will take place in that space. There is nothing prescribed to do, nothing on the agenda, no expectations and neither are there any boundaries or limits to what can happen. I write more about this in ‘My Way of Working’.

Why is Tantra relevant to us today? How can it help us?

Well for me, Tantra is bringing balance to the world. Tantra is integrating us as whole human beings more than we’ve been able to previously.
For the last couple of thousand years or so, we have been working more and more from a masculine perspective. This expresses itself through placing emphasis on masculine qualities, that is, “Action is important!”… But at the expense of our more feminine qualities this is “Swift, decisive action with logic as its backing”. This philosophy is important and much more important than slow, intuitive, feeling action, this is true for both men and women. In the famous (in the Tantra world) words of Nityama, “Basically everywhere I go, the men are men, and the women are too”. Here’s the link to his site where he starts with talking on this subject, but from the perspective of working with women: http://www.nityama.com/

As a society we have emphasised our being from the waist up and ignored and derided everything below. So we value thought, logic, static systems and speaking out even meditation, but have disowned our gut instincts, sexual expression and creativity, along with our need for freedom, expansion and movement.

When we do zero in on the body, we pretty much leave the genitals out of everything. Dolls and toys don’t have them, we barely talk about them and their functions as we’re growing up, even in sex education we miss out really basic information on their make-up and how they connect to different nerves and parts of the brain (I could say a lot more about that, but maybe now’s not the time). And yet because our genitals and sexuality is a reality for us then it must be expressed somehow, so first of all we push it down into the shadow part of ourselves, and then it expresses itself in dark ways. When this happens there tends to be a lot of fear associated with our sexuality. As a result we become frightened of our own desire and power.

Men who work to bring balance to their sexuality and bodies in these three ways, are able to value and love the feminine in themselves and others. As a result these men are able to really stand up for the feminine with strength and protection and, to do so in a strong masculine way (rather than the softer, well meaning but ineffectual ‘New Age Man’ way of being with the feminine). This is the kind of Masculine presence that this world is crying out for right now. We really, really, really need men who are comfortable in their bodies, strong in their sexuality and connected to their heart, to help create that world we can all see in our minds eye. You know the one? The one where everyone is fed? Where war is a vague memory of some past barbarism? Where sex and love are simply beautiful expressions of who we are? Where we use sexual energy to be creative in all areas of our lives….

All of which brings me to my last vital point:

Do you know what your sexual energy is all about and the benefits of Tantra?

Yes, it’s for procreation, but what about all the other times you have sex or masturbate? That energy is pure creative energy! The energy that gives you life and vitality. There is a huge surge of energy when you are being sexual. You can use that sexual energy to create the life you are dreaming of for yourself, your loved ones and for the whole of existence. How wild is that? Isn’t that inspiration enough to take a long hard look at your sexual hang-ups, your fantasies, and really get to grips with your sexuality (every pun intended) with passion, integrity, and heart.

One tiny more thing, Tantra works with sexual energy that isn’t expelled from the body… rather you move it around your body and the body of your partner to create greater bliss and deeper orgasms than the traditional one. For men this means that you don’t ejaculate. Now before you run away screaming, check out this clip of Alex Vartman from The New Tantra explaining why it’s a good idea and how to go about weaning yourself off the ejaculatory orgasm: http://21daychallenge.com/
If that still doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry, I can still work with you… just know that you will come around to my way of thinking in the end!
So, for those of you still not really into a feminine spiel, here it all is again in bullet point form – wink…

• Tantra is a way of integrating your whole system, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and including your genitals

• By loving both the masculine and the feminine parts of you, you are able to penetrate into the world with heart. This makes you a much more interesting, loving, and strong man to be around.

• Tantra is a practice, meaning you learn some tools and techniques and then use them in your daily life so that you get more and more out of it throughout your life. It also means its experiential, because words don’t teach but experience does.

• Sexual energy is extremely creative and we can use it to create literally anything we want to in our lives.

• It’s also goal-less, boundary-less and without safety nets. It can feel like anything and everything… juicy, raw, imminent, authentic, flowing, dynamic, painful, challenging, blissfull etc etc etc….

• It’s best when you don’t ejaculate but learn to circulate your sexual energy instead, bringing you greater ecstasy and more profound states of being.